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Kent Burrice #7

Kent Burrice
NicknameStump,Good Chips,No Show
I enjoy deep-sea fishing with dental floss, big-game hunting with nerf darts, sex with women over 300 lbs (oh, wait, that's Wayne...). My turn-ons are women that I can have a conversation with. My turn-offs are women that I have to have a conversation with after sex.

Brian Butash #5

Brian Butash
Brian has been the most consistant performer for AMS softball for years. Whether it be racking up RBIs for this juggernaut of a squad or simply filling in for a co-ed team, he can always be counted on for long hits and even longer throws from left field (sometimes to the cut-off man’s dismay). This pasty version of Deion Sanders is a superstar on the basketball court, football field, roller hockey rink, and can even be seen on the polo field from time to time. Despite his lifetime ban from the world-class badminton for not being able to say “shuttlecock” without laughing like a school boy, his international reputation remains untarnished. This is credited to his triple role as supporting actor/key grip/hair stylist for the Cannes Film Festival award-winning production of “The Wayne Shanks Project”. After tempting his tummy with a taste of Hollywood, Brian took the financial plunge and hired a starving musicain to follow him around 24-7 and play the theme music from SportsCenter in a Shaft-like homage. Recently was voted 2nd most athletic person in his business unit. Would have taken 1st place but his unyielding belief that the Philadelphia Eagles will someday win more than 4 games in a season cost him some votes in the mental stability category. He did come through with a sparkling performance in the swimsuit competition, however.

Jeff Butash #42

Jeff Butash
NicknameEdge, So Def Jeff, Stocky Phat Boy
Jeff, is one the most mysterious superstars in Fairfax Adult Softball. He often enters the field from the crowd, thrilling the fans around him. He seems to be in a constant rage, battling forces from within. He has been known to lash out at the opposition with ferocity, and occaisionally finishing off a rally with a move he calls the Short Fly to Right-Center, followed by a profanity. Despite a lackluster debut, this seasoned vet from the North (Scranton, PA) shows promise beyond his already escalating years. Whether or not the fans support The Edge, as he has become known, there’s no denying that his career has really taken off since he freed himself from the shackles of Scranton. His unholy alliance with AMS softball can only be seen as a sign of the Apocolypse. This brash young superstar, with his aerodynamic head and awesome shoulder cannon, is truly a force to be reckoned with and the best pick-up for AMS since they hired that cute girl in HR.

Brad Cameron #17

Brad 'Camdog' Cameron
Height5' 11"
I'm currently the pitcher due to a 'bum' shoulder...a failed rotator cuff surgery in January, 1999. I've got blazing speed and power...on and off the field. Former Marine...enuf said. Die Hard Braves Fan! I got alot of talk...but the Camdog can and will back it up! It's ON!

Chris Dunn #11

Chris Dunn
Height6' 3"
Weight197 lbs.
LC...stands for "Loose Cannon". That nickname speaks for itself. Chris is the 'Rebel' of both teams, very unpredictable, but a great asset to the team. At 1B, he stretches like rubber man. Chris, as loud and crazy as he can be, has NEVER been thrown out of a game! Keep it interesting this year!!

Jason Fulmer #2

Jason Fulmer
PositionRCF, 2B
Weight175 lbs.
NicknameDig Ol' Bick

C.W. Harrison #9

C.W. Harrison
C.W. is the team's 'nut'. When things have gotten bad, he's been the one to make both teams crack up. Peanut is one of the better sticks...he had probably the most 'intentional walks' last year.

Ron Miller #18

Ron Miller
Height5' 8"
Ron was with our team from the beginning. He had moved to Michigan, but is now back! Welcome back Ron! Ron has an excellent glove...anywhere you put him. He's also been one of the most reliable in clutch situations! Glad to have you back! runs an 8sec 40, nickname "Buzz", from Detroit, out of the University of Michigan, favorite song "Born Slippy"; likes girls with big butts, big hair, and a big nose; dislikes Notre Dame and whiners...

Jake Owens #6

Jake Owens
NicknameThe Snake
33 yrs. of age and probably the oldest on the team. 2nd year with team AMS, competitive and dedicated giving 110% in all he does. If he's not working or playing ball he's adding to his music collection or trying to catch the big one, fishing. Growing up he played football, baseball, and soccer. He has always been competitve and doesn't like to lose.

Chris Petro #10

Jake Owens
BIO Information coming soon!

Wayne Shoemaker #25

Wayne Shoemaker
NicknameBig Dub,Shanks
This is Wayne's second year of playing organized softball and his third AMS team. Wayne's claim to fame is being the executive producer of his suprisingly successful independent film, "The Wayne Shanks Project." Under controversial circumstances, The Washington Post coined BIG DUB "The Great One," after he won the Hard Core Championship and took home the title of "D.C.'s Most Dangerous Man." When Wayne is not jackin' tape measure home runs (as his idol Mickey Mantle once did), producing independent films or bringing the smack down on someone, he likes to keep on the down low. He can be seen on the weekends frequenting many of D.C.'s watering holes and after hours clubs looking for beautiful peepettes. BIG DUB is a third-generation superstar with immeasurable athleticism--and cockiness to boot! Whether he's a fan favorite or the most hated superstar on the roster, BIG DUB is a 25-year-old phenom. He's already the "Most Electrifying Man in AMS Sports-Entertainment," and when it's all said and done he may go down in history as the most decorated, well-known and renowned superstar AMS has ever known. The plans are for this talented and dedicated team to stick together and form a cohesiveness that will bring home millions.............and millions of championships in the years to come!

Ken Shuck #23

Ken Shuck
NicknameShuck-Knight, K-dog
Steady outfielder with strong, accurate arm; good singles and doubles hitter with an occasional flash of power; great wheels for an older guy; off the field Ken is known as a pretty mellow guy who enjoys playing other sports, running, and weightlifting; a cool Project Manager to his work team; and a gentleman with the